Tasmania 'body parts' murder appeal fails
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Tasmania 'body parts' murder appeal fails

Apr 29, 2023

A young Tasmanian man who murdered his friend over a likely drug dispute and disposed of his body in suburban wheelie bins has failed in a bid to have his jail sentence reduced.

Jack Harrison Vincent Sadler was 26 when he lined the room of his Launceston home with plastic in August 2018 and shot Jake Anderson-Brettner three times with a pistol.

Sadler used an axe to dismember the body, leaving the torso in forest off a highway and other parts in bins due for collection the next day.

Sadler was found guilty in 2021 following a lengthy trial and sentenced to 32 years behind bars with a non-parole period of 20 years.

Justice Robert Pearce described the killing as "cold-blooded" and "execution-style", noting Mr Anderson-Brettner was shot despite pleas for mercy when he realised his fate.

Sadler's appeal against the length of the sentence and non-parole period was rejected by Tasmania's Court of Criminal Appeal on Tuesday, with a three-judge panel ruling it was not manifestly excessive.

The day before the murder, a friend purchased bleach, firelighters, disposable gloves, disposable overalls, safety glasses, a saw, cling wrap and reusable bags for Sadler.

They also bought vinegar, cayenne pepper and chilli powder which was used to disguise the odour of the body parts.

Sadler, who had been manufacturing and selling MDMA in large quantities since 2014, initially lied to police about Mr Anderson-Brettner's presence at his house.

After the murder, the house was cleaned with bleach, and pieces of carpet, curtains and other material were burned in a wood heater.

"(This was) a crime in a most serious category of murder. Mr Anderson-Brettner was not only intentionally killed in a calculating and cruel way, but his body was then subjected to gross indignity," Justice Pearce said in sentencing remarks.

Justice Pearce said it was "very likely" a disagreement between the pair arose from mutual dealings with illegal drugs.