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NEW IN TOWN: Releasing your inner child at Wreck

Aug 22, 2023

Nicole Teet, owner of Wreck-It Room Canada

Nicole Teet, owner of Wreck-It Room Canada, stands in one of the wrecking rooms in early winter 2023 before it was finished. All rooms are open for destruction. - Maria Rosales Gerpe

Nicole Teet, owner of Wreck-It Room Canada on Bishop Street North, is set on making a difference by creating a safe space to have destructive fun in a constructive manner.

Before gaining worldwide popularity, rage rooms were first pioneered in Japan in the early 2000s to relieve the stresses of everyday living, as published by The Star in 2018. Today, a quick Google search will reveal hundreds of rage, anger, smash, or wreck rooms all over Canada, including, as of February, in Cambridge.

Hespeler's Wreck-It Room Canada has been booking fast since it opened earlier this winter. "I actually had someone call me two weeks before I was even open to book," laughed Teet, a first-time entrepreneur and mother of three children, including twins.

But it's not just adults looking for tension relief through smashing. Teet has seen both young and old partaking in destructive fun at Wreck-It Room Canada.

Because this can be risky play, "you have to be at least 13 years old, and those 13 to 17 years old must be accompanied by an adult," explained Teet. "Everyone must sign a waiver."

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Wreckers first prepare by donning personal protective equipment (coveralls, face shield, and gloves) and review safety rules before stepping into one of Wreck-It Room Canada's tailored brick-laden spaces before enjoying a good smash session by themselves or with friends, or their work colleagues.

Chains, hanging from the ceiling, hold items in place for a good wrecking with a baseball bat. You can also hear music while enjoying wreck time.

There are many packages to choose from (15-min fast or 30-min long smash sessions for individuals, couples, or two friends, and team sessions ranging from 15 minutes to one hour). For example, Teet described, for a quick, one-person smash session, there are 10 items including two medium-sized, and one large-sized for a great work out fuelled by adrenalin.

But wrecking experiences can also be customized. "We have a Bluetooth speaker that you can set up your own playlist on and you can bring your own box, no liquids or combustibles," said Teet, whose husband's recycling business, Smart Choice Electronic Recycling, supplies her with a constant source of smashables such as "TVs, printers and monitors."

She also encourages fellow wreckers to donate to enhance others’ wrecking experiences. Thanks to donations, "old artifacts like figurines, cassettes, VHS and even Betamax tapes" are some nostalgic and vintage items wreckers may find other than the typical small household electronic and appliances.

"We had a clown come in," added Teet, wincing then laughing, "I’m sure someone will want to wreck it."


Some experts have cautioned against the use of rage rooms, noting that destroying things may not solve anger problems. And Teet agrees.

"I want people to feel good and have fun," explained Teet.

On a summer night a few years back, while sitting across friends at a campfire, Teet decided she’d open a place where you could be a child again and play. "It's about letting it out in a safe space. You can't do it in your own home. Think of the mess," she added, chuckling.

Interested in why humans like to wreck things or engage in risky play? Check out this explainer video and learn about some interesting research from Waterloo, Ontario's University of Waterloo and Edmonton, Alberta's MacEwan University.

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