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How to get Minecraft Legends Lapis

Jan 21, 2024

Learn how to get enough Minecraft Legends Lapis Lazuli to fuel your ever-growing armies and overwhelm the Piglin hordes with superior firepower.

Dave Irwin

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Out of all the resources, Minecraft Legends Lapis is the hardest to obtain. When combined with the other resources, you can summon mobs to fight for your cause with the help of these blue gemstones. You only need one or two at most to get more units, but with the ever-increasing number of Piglin hordes rising throughout the land, you must ensure you have a decent supply.

To secure the win in the RTS game, you’ll need to learn how to get more Minecraft Legends Lapis. The Minecraft Legends mobs are cheap, but the costs add up, and there is a Minecraft Legends mob limit to contend with. You can carry more resources of this type by increasing the cap, but there is at least one way to hold more than you normally could, and this could help you take down even the toughest of Minecraft Legends bosses.

There are three ways to get Lapis in Minecraft Legends. The first is by opening chests in villages, giving you around 50 per chest. This method is affected by the resource cap, which you can increase with improvements. However, once you reach the limit, you can't go over. If you plan to attack a Piglin base, we highly recommend visiting villages to replenish your supplies.

The second method is far slower and also can't go over the resource cap, is by slaying Piglin. Sometimes they drop the blue gems, which you can then use to reinforce your army. The only advantage this method has is that while slow, it doesn't cost you the victory because you retreated. You do put yourself at considerable risk by killing them, as they could easily overwhelm you. However, if you’re in desperate need of that final push or just don't want their base to get upgrades that make the next assault even harder, this is your only real choice.

Finally, if you have a spare bit of time left for exploration, pay attention to your surroundings as you explore the map to find chests. Most of the time, you’ll find Minecraft Legends Prismarine, which you can use to build the best Minecraft Legends upgrades or unlock the method to remove Netherrack, or you will find more Allays to help gather resources or build structures.

However, once in a while, you may open a chest to find more Lapis Lazuli, and because you can only open these chests once, you can carry more than your current Lapis resource cap. If you’re heading into a particularly tough fight, doing this will save the time and energy you would otherwise spend by slaughtering Piglin en masse to farm for enough Lapis to get through the day.

And that's how to get Minecraft Legends Lapis Lazuli. Of course, choosing one of the best Minecraft Legends mounts to get you out of danger quickly may make farming for these gemstones easier, but one thing that can definitely help is by playing Minecraft Legends co-op, as two or more people tackling the problem is easier than doing it on your own. For more information on how to play Minecraft Legends multiplayer with friends on other devices, check out our Minecraft Legends crossplay guide to get set up.

Out of all the resources, Minecraft Legends Lapis is the hardest to obtain.