Detectamet Wins Best Company Award
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Detectamet Wins Best Company Award

Jul 04, 2023

Credit: Detectamet

Detectamet has won a Best Company (over 10 employees) award at the 2022 Food Hygiene and Technology Awards in London, England. The company provides food-safe metal and X-ray detectable products, designed to reduce the risk of foreign matter contamination in food processing environments, to facilities in more than 150 countries.

Over the last 12 months, Detectamet has continued its manufacturing investment program, acquired new injection molding machinery, developed its own mob cap and beard snood manufacturing facility, and invested in machinery to improve its Metal Detector Test Piece range.

Alongside the company's manufacturing investments, Detectamet has also expanded geographically, opening offices in Germany in 2021. In total, Detectamet now has five sites globally: the UK, Germany, USA, Canada, and Australia.