B2B supply face mask, medical coverall disposable, surgical isolation gown (FDA, CE) at manufacturer
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B2B supply face mask, medical coverall disposable, surgical isolation gown (FDA, CE) at manufacturer

Aug 03, 2023

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Oct. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Dony 3-Ply Cloth Masks comes is a product of premium quality certified by world-renowned organizations like CE, TUV, FDA, REACH, and DGA on safety standards and has already sold more than 10 million reusable masks.

DONY Launches Full Line of Personal Protective Equipment: The DONY Mask, Disposable Protective Coverall, and Isolation Gown.

The affordable Medical Disposable Clothing provides the wearer with 360° protection at minimum cost.

Vietnamese textile manufacturer DONY Garment has announced the production of two new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) items: the ‘disposable protective coverall’ and the ‘isolation gown’.

The two items have been specifically designed for the export market and to meet the increased need for PPE, with COVID cases rising again in countries across the world. Previously known as a major supplier of uniforms and workwear, the company this year has taken on the challenge of COVID, already supplying millions of high-quality protective face masks to over 50 countries across the world, including the USA, France, KSA, UK, Australia, Belgium, Singapore, Germany, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Jodan, South Africa, Finland, Greece, Denmark, Canada, Egypt, and Japan.

"There are many mask manufacturers in Vietnam but not all the factories follow international standards. The reason why we chose Dony mask is that they fulfill Japan's market needs and their manufacturing system meets our standard," said Nicolas Jo, Founder, and CEO of JJFT, a fashion, and textile group.

Both the Face mask and the PPE are already available in the online and offline markets. The distributors can place the order directly by contacting the concerned authorities or by visiting the website. Dony is promising the on-time delivery and a 100% refund in case of not following the deadline.

Dony's Face Mask comes in specialized packaging and sterilized by E.O. technology that destroys the tiniest bacteria and viruses. The 3-layers technology is waterproof, filters the finest dust, and protects the wearer from germs.

The mask can be reused and washed up to 60 times thus saves 80% of disposable masks. Dony's face mask is made of soft breathable fabric and is comfortable to wear that does not restrict the person from playing sports or working out in the gym.

The DONY Mask provides the highest level of COVID-19 protection with a bacterial filtration efficiency of over 99%. And that's not all:

- UV Protection of up to 99.95%

- Sterilized prior to packaging

- Perfect Water Resistance

- Air Resistance greater than requirements across Europe

- Elasticity over 2x higher than usual masks

Dony has launched two distinct protective clothing to address the different needs of health workers to provide them with complete protection. These two products are – protective medical coverall suit and surgical sterile isolation gown.

"We at DONY have long recognized the need to adapt to the pandemic and use our expertise to meet the needs of medical professionals around the world,"

said Mr. Pham Quang Anh, CEO of Dony Garment Company. "We’re proud to have supported many countries’ healthcare systems with our high-quality protective face masks and these two new PPE items will enable us to help even more on the global stage."

The new items follow up on Dony's anti-COVID face-masks which have already garnered a reputation for excellence on the wholesale export market by providing the highest level of COVID-protection to wearers. Its triple-layer design offers superior protection from both airborne and waterborne particles whilst its breathable design ensures it can be worn comfortably for long periods of time.

Dony Protective Coverall is specifically designed to provide all-round protection to the health employees. The clothing had been designed by keeping in view the problems and hurdles which employees face while performing their job. Dony is concerned about the health and well being of health workers as well as their comfort. Dony Protective Coverall serves as a single solution to multiple problems that the health workers face on the job.

DONY's Disposable Protective Coverall is designed to provide head-to-toe protection while keeping comfortable. Some of the Coverall's features include:

- Breathable Material: High-quality fabric that allows air passage without exposure.

- Waterproof: Restricts the passage of liquid, blood, and other pathogens.

- Siamese Hood Design: Increases protection by covering the top and rear of the head.

- Elastic Cuffs: Leaves arms less exposed while providing for personalized comfort.

- Elastic Waist: Suitable for all body types and adjustable as needed.

- Elastic Facial Opening: Less facial exposure, designed to operate in tandem with masks.

- Zip Fly Design: Zipper has its own fabric cover, for an extra layer of protection.

- Shoe Covers: True head-to-toe protection with adjustable shoe covers.

- Lightweight: Avoid fatigue with PPE that doesn't weigh you down.

Those who need something that can be quickly worn and fits in budget Dony has a different product to satisfy their needs. Dony isolation gown can guard the workforce against all kinds of dangers. It is quick to wear and easily disposable.

The products of Dony are certified by the most reliable health authorities of the world like ISO, CE, FDA, INTERTEK, TUV, and others. Dony is making available the top-quality products at the most competitive prices.

The company is supplying its Face Mask, workwear, and PPE globally by wholesale, bulk and branded (Custom Logo / Label / OEM - ODM).

"Since we have done business with Dony, and we have built a trust between us, Dony offered Toop Sports to distribute and sell their face masks in the US market. With Dony's help and cooperation, we can continue to produce, ship out, and sell face masks," said Razz Yayapour, co-owner of Toop Sports.

The pandemic is currently at a critical point with COVID cases rising dramatically again in many countries across the world, including the UK, France, and Spain, and cases remain high in countries such as the U.S.A and Brazil.

In order to control the spread, particularly in healthcare environments, it is crucial that medical professionals can access high-quality PPE. China has been a major supplier of PPE since the beginning of the pandemic; however, with political tensions with the west high, it is widely expected that international trade could be severely disrupted.

For this reason, it is crucial that Vietnamese manufacturers such as DONY have been able to step up and provide high-value alternatives.

On the evening of 5th June 2020, Dony Garment Company and other Vietnamese enterprises have donated medical supplies to the US"s people.

At the Ceremony of Offering Medical Materials to the United States, Dony presented 100,000 antibacterial gauze masks worth more than VND 10.5 billion. Overcoming many businesses that have signed up to give antibacterial masks, through testing, only Dony Mask has met the quality standards for use in the US.

It's a big honor for Dony. Dony Mask is the only available reusable face mask that successfully passes through multiple quality checks, to be accepted for use in the U.S finally.

Mr. Daniel Kritenbrink, U.S. Ambassador in Vietnam has extended his heartfelt gratitude and confirmed that Operation USA Organization which based in Los Angeles, USA will distribute these medical supplies to needed places such as California, New York, etc.

About Dony

Established in 2009, the Dony Garment Company, a subsidiary of Dony International Corporation - based manufacturer of workwear and casual clothing. One of the largest manufacturers in Vietnam for making uniforms and suppliers for clothing stores & companies across the world. In 2020, DONY responded to the Covid-19 crisis by pivoting its activity to the manufacture of PPE and exported around the world including America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Learn more about Dony Garment Company: https://garment.dony.vn/


Office: 142/4 Bau cat 2, 12 Ward, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Email: [email protected] - Hotline: +84985310123 (Henry Pham)

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